I enjoy taking photos and continuing to learn how to use natural light to my advantage. I think equipment can only take you so far, and with a good eye for composition (and editing) you can take a great shot with even a toy camera.

Here are a few galleries of photos I've taken for events, travel documentation, or for fun. I'm always sharing more photos on my blog as well.

More Galleries forthcoming.

Walking Tree Travel, Costa Rica

As part of my travel video work, I took over 1000 photos for students during a Walking Tree Travel trip to Costa Rica. It was a great experience.

New York City

This was my first trip to New York, and a great opportunity to do some editing with the amazing Nik Collection by Google

Angel's Rest w/ Chinar 28mm FD

An experiment with a $10 Lens I found at a resale shop. You can read the blog post here.


Things I've found on the street, river, ocean, or wherever. If a human fits on it or in it, I take a picture.