Finding your writer's voice, personally and professionally.

Finding your writer's voice, personally and professionally.

I find it extremely difficult to figure out how to write personal blog posts. I know it has to do with how I speak and how I want to be heard. I'm doing it right now, in my head, as I type. When I write blog posts for myself on here and on my other project Last Vehicle - I'm constantly asking myself questions that I don't ask myself when I'm writing for a client or a friend.

2017: Who Let You in?

I have something to admit. I'm writing this blog post as a farce. That's right: you, the audience, are false. I'm not intending for you to read this. Honestly, I'm surprised you are reading this at at all. I've been revamping my website and I wanted to see how the blog looks with a second post.

Yes, you read that right: a second post. I never wrote more than one.

I think the first one I wrote was good. It was summer, I had some content, and I needed to put out a blog on my new website. It FELT GOOD. I liked to write, and it was easy to do. 

I need to do that more. Writing that feels easy, stuff that comes from experience. Did I do it? I can write about it. Do I know it? Easy peasy.

See you soon. Here's a photo: